PINSTRIPES: New York Yankees Alumni News

Ever Get Summoned to See the Boss in His Office?

If you were a Yankee player, it was highly unlikely. Player visits to Yankee executive offices were quite rare, especially prior to 1968, when the offices were finally centralized in Yankee Stadium. But it took 65 years for that to happen! For the better part of seven decades, the Yankee offices were in Manhattan, removed from the field of play. more

Frank Messer

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a pleasure.” That was Frank Messer’s signoff when he held the mike at the end of a game, and the words could easily be volleyed back to him by listeners. more

DiMaggio, Mantle Passed the Torch in 1951

Astronomers and astrologers like to talk about planets aligning, heavenly bodies appearing to overlap, and eclipses caused by the positions of the sun and moon. more

1973 – Yankee Stadium’s 50th Anniversary

1973 – thirty years ago – represented a remarkable anniversary for Yankee Stadium. Not only was the ballpark turning 50, but it would be the last season in the original structure, “The House that Ruth Built,” which had opened in 1923. more

Teresa Wright

Any Yankee fan worth his (or her) salt who hasn’t seen Gary Cooper in Pride of the Yankees at least 15 times hasn’t really passed the test of true belief. Sure, the dialogue seems primitive, and yes, it doesn’t run on TV that much anymore, but you still weep when Coop does his Lou Gehrig farewell speech, and you still feel good for the big lug when he finds romance with a fast Chicago girl named Eleanor Twitchell. more