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MLB Programs & Yearbooks

As appeared in 2003 MLB All-Star Game Program


Tom Seaver was 22-year-old rookie with the hapless New York Mets in 1967, but a strong first half of the season had made him the Mets’s lone All-Star selection. He was still in single digits on a career that would find him scaling 300 victories, and he spent most of that July 11 evening in the visiting bullpen at Anaheim Stadium, hardly expecting to see action at all. more

As appeared in 2008 MLB All-Star Game Program


In the old third base dugout of Yankee Stadium, which the Yankees occupied from 1923-1945, Babe Ruth would keep a fresh head of cabbage in the water cooler. Every two or three innings he would tear off a leaf and tuck it under his cap to keep him cool. mor

As appeared in the 1999 World Series Official Program

Yogi Berra Today

It wasn’t very long after Joe DiMaggio’s passing that someone first used the term “greatest living Yankee” in Yogi Berra’s presence. His reaction was very typical of this proud and honest man. “Oh, geez, you got Rizzuto, and you got Whitey…..I don’t know.” more

As appeared in 2002, 2003 & 2004 Yankees Yearbook

Thurman Munson #15

Thurman Munson was a fan’s player. But it took a special breed of fan to see it – a New York fan – and it was Thurman’s good fortune to play before such a knowledgeable bunch of devotees. more

The Birth of the Yankees

A hundred seasons ago, the New York Yankees were born. To see the international recognition of the franchise’s storied name today, it is hard to imagine how humble the origins were. Like the majesty of Yankee Stadium vs. the wood and nails of Hilltop Park, it has been, like New York City itself, a remarkable hundred years of growth. more