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Chasing Dreams: Baseball & Becoming American

On Being a Jewish Yankee Front Office Employee

I wrote a letter to the New York Yankees public relations director in 1967, looking for summer employment.

My credentials were modest – I was a knowledgeable baseball fan who was editor of my college newspaper.  I had written sports while in high school for the suburban Rockland (NY)  Journal-News. I assumed mine would be one of hundreds of similar letters and I would not hear back. more

Baseball, The Perfect Game

Talkin’ Baseball, The Man and Bobby Feller –from Talkin’ Baseball (Willie, Mickey & “The Duke”)

Baseball fans measure their own lives by the entrance and exit of players. There is the day the son of a major leaguer you saw play is suddenly in the big leagues. There is the day you realize that you knew every manager and coach when they played. There is the day the last active player from your first year as a fan retires. more

What Baseball Means to Me edited by Curt Smith (2002)

What Baseball Means to Me

What can we say about a game in which spring training begins every winter and the Winter Meetings are held every fall?! For one thing, you can set your watch to it, and if you are lucky, you can set your life to it. more