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Sports Cards Magazine

Joe DiMaggio Farewell

Since we baseball fans like to live by the numbers, how about this one – Joe DiMaggio attended 47 of the 48 Old Timers Days held by the Yankees after his retirement, missing only in 1987 when he was having a pacemaker installed. more

American Memorabilia Magazine

The Book to Grab When the Waters Rise

We in the northeast had terrible flooding in April, even 8 inches in one day in Central Park, but for someone like me, living on the 8th floor of a Manhattan high rise, I really don’t worry until the water reaches 79 feet. Still, I was thinking about “what if,” and after photo albums, what books would I grab and save? more

Yankee-Shea Farewell

Doesn’t it seem like to earth should shake a little when the last out is recorded in Yankee Stadium next fall? Or when the (I can hardly say it) wrecking ball hits? more

Finding New Records Often Takes Creativity

These are some thoughts about milestones, and how we in sports love them so much, even if at times, they are a bit of a stretch. more


It’s A Whole New Ballgame!

I began thinking about this story recently while watching an old World Series movie. It was the 1947 Series, Yankees against the Dodgers, and so many things seemed different. I mean, there were still three strikes and you’re out, ninety feet between the bases and nine innings to a game. But so much else about the general appearance of things seemed dated. And I began to realize how changes can creep into the sport without our particularly noticing them. more


Baseball Assistance Team Journal

METS B.A.T. Program

When baseball shuffled its half-century order of 16 teams in the early 1960s, no one was quite sure what to expect. Would “expansion teams” be accepted? Were they doomed to failure? Would old National League fans embrace a new franchise in New York? more

SABR Baseball Research Journal

SABR Picks 1900-1948 Rookies of the Year

A poll of the Society’s members fills the void in the selections made by The Sporting News and the BBWAA. Pitchers are named for almost half the years; the Cards, Indians lead in new choices with 11 each. more