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  • Who's Who in Baseball
  • Henry and Me film project
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • New York Empire Baseball
  • Sports Traditions book
  • International Tennis Hall of Fame
  • Fox Sports 20th anniversary
  • B.A.T. - Baseball Assistance Team
  • Mile High Card Company
  • Clear Lake Historical Productions
  • author Robert Fitts
  • author Samuel Freedman
  • author Richard Podolsky
  • Spear Physical Therapy
  • Terry Cashman, baseball balladeer
  • author/broadcaster Bob Wolff
  • Jews and Baseball film
  • author Pat Williams
  • Damon Runyon Cancer Fund 5K Run
  • Bill Shannon Biographical Encyclopedia of NY Sports
  • Bill White
  • Dr. David Levine
  • Dr Adam Scheiner
  • Dr David Geier
  • World Baseball Classic - Team Israel
  • American Jewish Historical Society
  • National Museum of American Jewish History
  • Game Used Universe
  • Arctic Ease health care products
  • Ron Blomberg 40th anniversary of Designated Hitter
  • Hawaii Baseball - Independent League
  • Fantography - Andy Strasberg
  • Home Run Brands health care products
  • author Paul Dickson
  • author Harvey Araton
  • The Juju Rules
  • Baseball Hall of Shame (book)
  • Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Odyssey Entertainment
  • Houghton Mifflin publishing
  • Miracle Ball documentary
  • Artographs
  • Elizabeth Kanna
  • author Kate Vitasek
  • Arizona Beverages - Joltin' Joe
  • author Stan Beck
  • Dan Gray - Pro Swing Baseball
  • Dan Schlossberg
  • Diamond Nation
  • author Lawrence Ruttman





  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Atlanta, Georgia
  • New York City D.A.R.E. Program
  • Century 21 After-School Communications Program, Harlem School District #5
  • New Teachers Academy of Columbia University



  • Spencer Ross, broadcaster
  • Bobby Murcer, sportscaster
  • Peter Steinberg, screenwriter
  • Terry Cashman, songwriter/singer
  • John Sterling, broadcaster
  • Suzyn Waldman, broadcaster
  • Brit Price, pop singer
  • Makua Rothman, surfer


  • Northeast CPR
  • New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation
  • Dr. Paul Sussman, Mt. Sinai Hospital
  • The New York Academy of Medicine


Publishing, Broadcasting & Video

  • Jews and Baseball film
  • Jews and Baseball DVD
  • HarperCollins Publishing for Steinbrenner: The Last Lion of Baseball
  • Dick Perez Publishing for The Immortals, An Art Collection of Baseball's Best
  • Bob Wolff Presents His Complete Guide to Sportscasting - Jews and Baseball - Excaliber Films Holy Land Hardball - 24/6 Productions
  • Thomas Nelson Books for Greatest Team Ever: Dallas Cowboys of the 1990s
  • Just Play Ball by Joe Garagiola
  • Carrying Jackie's Torch by Steve Jacobson
  • Branch Rickey: Baseball's Ferocious Gentleman by Lee Lowenfish
  • The Echoing Green by Josh Prager
  • Empire Editions for David Levinthal's "Baseball"
  • Author Jack McCallum for ":07 Seconds or Less"
  • C&C Publishing for "106 Yards"
  • Doubleday Publishing for "The Big Bam"
  • HarperCollins Publishing for "The Bad Guys Won"
  • HarperCollins Publishing for "Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty"
  • Triumph Books for "Our Mickey"
  • Entrepreneur Press for "The Business Playbook"
  • Sports Publishing Books for "Ball Four" Anniversary Edition
  • St. Martin's Press for Art Shamsky's "The Magnifcent Seasons"
  • Author Seth Swirsky for "Something to Write Home About"
  • Spike TV, for Dan Klores' "Viva Baseball"
  • "Up for Grabs - The Curse of the Bonds Ball" for producer Michael Wranovics
  • Author David Margolick for "Beyond Glory"
  • Author Jonathan Eig for "Luckiest Man"
  • Author Wayne Coffey for "The Boys of Winter"
  • Author Gary Pomerantz for "Wilt 1962"
  • Public Affairs Books for Leigh Montville's "Why Not Us"
  • Harper Collins for Buster Olney's "Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty"
  • Authors Bernie Corbett and Paul Simpson for "The Only Game That Matters"
  • Author Glenn Guzzo for "Strat O Matic Fanatics"
  • Author Tom Morin for "No More Broken Eggs: A Guide to Optimizing the Sports Experience"
  • Filmmakers Steve Anderson and Eric Nadler for "History of Baseball Cards"
  • Doubleday Books for "Ted Williams" by Leigh Montville
  • Doubleday Publishing for "The Last Good Season" by Michael Shapiro
  • Harcourt Publishing for "October Men" by Roger Kahn
  • HarperCollins Publishing for Jane Leavy's "Sandy Koufax"
  • Author Chuck Katz for “Manhattan on Film”
  • Author Michael DeMarco for American Management Association publishing (as agent)
  • Ballantine Books for Phil Pepe’s “Talkin’ Baseball Oral History”
  • eBay Magazine, Krause Publications
  • Temple University Press for “Koppett’s Concise History of Baseball”
  • The Silurians (Journalist Society)
  • The Sporting News, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Triumph Books for Whitey Ford’s “Few and Chosen”
  • Tuff Stuff Books for "Mickey Mantle: The Yankee Years"
  • Triumph Books for "Sports Immortals"
  • Warner Books for "Sole Influence"
  • Disney Book Group for "We Are the Ship" by Kadir Nelson
  • "Toots" - a film by Kristi Jacobson
  • "Viva Baseball" - a film by Dan Klores
  • Hal Leonard Publishing for "Baseball's Greatest Hit - Take me out to the Ballgame"
  • Author Steve Marantz for "Sorcery at Caesers"
  • Author Linda Sue Park for "Keeping Score"
  • Author Dan Levitt for "Ed Barrow"
  • Authors Billy Staples and Rick Herschlag for "Before the Glory"
  • Henry Holt Publishing/Times Books for "Bottom of the Ninth"
  • HarperCollins publishing for "Yankee for Life"
  • "The Senior" (Mike Flynt/Don Yeager)
  • "Before the Glory" (Billy Staples/Rich Herschlag)
  • "The Ice Diaries" (William Anderson/Don Keith)
  • "Yankee for Life" (Bobby Murcer/Glen Waggoner)


Business to Business

  • Tunesat (for tracking airplays of music)

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