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Pinstripe Empire: The New York Yankees from Before the Babe to After the Boss
Bloomsbury USA; First Edition edition (May 8, 2012)

Since their breakthrough championship season in 1923, when Yankee stadium opened, the New York Yankees have been baseball's most successful, decorated, and colorful franchise. Home to Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Berra, Mantle, Jackson, and Mattingly; and later Torre, Jeter, Rivera, and Rodriguez, the team has been a fixture in our national consciousness.

Yet it's been nearly seventy years since Frank Graham wrote the last narrative history of the team. Marty Appel, the Yankees' PR director during the 1970s, now illuminates the team in all its century-plus of glory: clever, maneuvering owners; rowdy, talented players; and, of course, twenty-seven championships. Appel heard war stories from old-timers like Mantle, Berra, and Casey Stengel, and has remained close to the organization ever since. A collector, writer, and raconteur, he gives life to the team's history, from the muddy, uneven field at Hilltop Park in the 1900s to the evolution of today's team as an international brand. Loaded with over a century's worth of great stories, folklore, and photos, this is a treasure trove for lovers of sports, the Yankees, New York history, and America's game.


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The Life and Death of a Yankee Captain

Doubleday (July 7, 2009)

On August 2, 1979, Thurman Munson died at the age of thirty-two, when the private plane he was piloting crashed in Canton, Ohio. A piece of the New York Yankees franchise died that day—Munson is still remembered by fans as a quintessentially tough, fiercely competitive, endearing Yankee leader. He was, and still is, known as “The Captain.”

MUNSON is the authoritative biography fans have been awaiting for thirty years. Written by Marty Appel, who worked as the PR director for the Yankees during the seventies (and co-wrote Munson’s own autobiography in 1978), this triumphant, energetic, and tragic baseball biography captures the young man from Canton and his meteoric rise to stardom in baseball’s most storied franchise. MUNSON examines the tumultuous childhood that led Thurman to work feverishly to escape Canton—and the marriage and cultural roots that drew him back (so much so that he took up flying and bought his own plane to allow himself to spend more time at home). Read more >>

162-0: Imagine a Season in Which the Yankees Never Lose

Pub. Date: March 26, 2010

162-0: Imagine a Season in Which the Yankees Never Lose imagines that season by identifying the most memorable victory in Yankees history on every single day of the baseball calendar season, from late March to late October. Ranging from games with incredible historical significance and individual achievement to those with high drama and high stakes, this book imagines the impossible: a blemish-free Yankees season. Evocative photos, original quotes, thorough research, and engaging prose and analysis all highlight 162-0.

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Spinning the News for Mickey, Billy and George

A memoir of the author’s years doing PR for the Yankees, after growing up a Brooklyn-born Yankee fan and writing a letter to the PR department. He began by answering Mickey Mantle’s fan mail, and went on to become the first, of many, PR Directors hired by George Steinbrenner. Nominated for Casey Award as Baseball Book of the Year for 2001. Named Best New York baseball book of the year on ESPN.com. Sports Collectors Digest called it “a classic.” Available in hardcover and now in softcover.

Hardcover Paperback
Slide Kelly Slide

The Wild Life and Times of Mike “King” Kelly, Baseball’s First Superstar

In 2005, Slide, Kelly, Slide was selected as one of the '10 best ballplayer books' of all time by the New York Daily News. Winner of the 1995 Casey Award as Best Baseball Book of the Year, this heavily researched biography of Kelly won praise from SABR members (nominated for a Seymour Award) and casual fans. Kelly invented the art of “autographing,” was the subject of America’s first pop hit record, wrote (with a ghostwriter) the game’s first autobiography, was sold in the game’s biggest sale, and was the first player to put together an act for the Vaudeville stage. He died at 37, but not before he had an awfully good time. Very limited number available direct from author, autographed by Appel.

Hardcover Paperback


Bios of great baseball names from Seaver’s career, from his childhood, from before he was born, broken down by A.L. and N.L., with amusing and interesting comments on each player by Seaver himself. A children’s book but has long appealed to adults as well. 1984 publication, hardcover. Very limited number available direct from author, autographed by Appel $40, or by Seaver and Appel, $100.

autographed by Appel & Seaver autographed by Marty Appel
Baseball's Best

The Hall of Fame Gallery

Named Outstanding Sports Reference Book of 1977 by American Library Association. Features 1500-word biographies of all Hall of Famers (revised edition, through 1980), including umpires, Negro Leaguers, executives, 19th century players. In many cases, the only place to go for extensive bios on that group. Over 500 photos. Very limited number available direct from author, autographed.


The Education of a Baseball Commissioner

Bowie Kuhn’s memoirs, named a New York Times Notable Book of the Year for 1987, and generally praised as the finest Commissioner’s memoir ever written. Fascinating look at turbulent times for the game, including profiles of owners, and head-on-look at the most controversial decisions of 17-year career as Baseball “Czar.” Nominated for Casey Award as best baseball book of the year. Very limited number available direct from author, autographed by Appel (listed as Editorial Assistant).

Hardcover Paperback
An Autobiography

Originally published after his MVP season of 1976, it was reissued with a concluding chapter (by Appel) following his untimely death in a plane crash in 1979. A Book of the Month Club selection, a Sports Illustrated Book Club main selection, a Waldonbooks best-seller. Also available in paperback. Very limited number available direct from author, autographed (by Appel), at $50 hardcover ($55 for first edition) and $20 paperback.

First Edition Hardcover Hardcover Paperback


This is a memoir by Hall of Famer Lee MacPhail, done with Marty Appel’s editing and advice. Although published by a small press without much distribution, it was hailed as a candid and sentimental memoir by the only man who seemed able to find agreement with the Players Association. MacPhail, son of the bombastic Larry MacPhail, was an executive with the Dodgers, Yankees, Orioles and Commissioner’s Office, before becoming American League President and head of the Player Relations Committee. Very limited number available direct from author, $50.


The First Book


This 1988 book was written as an introduction to the game for children, but has proven popular with adults trying to discover what all the fuss is about. Finalist for Washington Irving Award as best children’s book of the year. The rules, the romance, the ‘rithmatic, the Hall of Famers, the timeline, how a season works, how to keep score. Very limited number available direct from author, autographed, $40.



By Tom Seaver, with Marty Appel, 1992. An underrated look at the 51 biggest games in baseball history (to that point) from a historical perspective (by Appel) and in the eyes of a player (Seaver) who has some thoughts on how those games MIGHT have been played. Very limited number available direct from author, autographed by Appel.



When You're From Brooklyn


By Larry King and Marty Appel, 1992. Riotous memoir of CNN’s Larry King – his growing up years in Brooklyn, when he first learned he could hold an audience. His friends from his youth “gang” – The Warriors – his missteps at Lafayette High School (as a contemporary of Sandy Koufax and Fred Wilpon), and his tales of a forgotten marriage and life in Brooklyn are told with grand humor. Very limited number available direct from author, autographed by Appel.


Working the Plate


With National League umpire Eric Gregg, one of the most controversial members of his profession, for his size, his race, and his disputes. He is one of the umpires who lost his job during the miscalculated mass resignation, but this book, done in 1990, predated that. A very funny account of his minority status and misadventures in a world of right-wing umpires. Very limited number available direct from author, autographed by Appel.


Yesterday's Heroes


A 1988 hardcover look back at baseball ‘commons’ and what happened in their post-baseball lives. Gary Peters, Harry Chiti, Jim Pendleton, Bob Boyd, Rocky Colavito, Carl Schieb, Glen Hobbie, Bob Friend, Dave Giusti, Elmer Valo, Danny Walton, Lou Berberet, Billy Bruton, Bob Cerv, Ted Abernathy, Bobby Richardson – are a sample of the names included. Very limited number available direct from author, autographed by Appel $40.


Batting Secrets


1981 instructional book, including batting tips from young Eddie Murray, plus Lou Piniella, Charlie Lau, Al Oliver, Bobby Murcer, Bob Watson, Hal McRae, many others. Very limited edition available direct from author, autographed, at $40 hardcover, $20 softcover.

Hardcover Paperback

Baseball: 100 Classic Moments in the History of the Game

by Joseph E. Wallace, Neil A. Hamilton, Marty Appel, Nolan Ryan. This stunning coffee-table book is also immensely readable, chronicling 100 legendary people and events in baseball's long and colorful history. The vivid images and informative essays make for a perfect blend.

Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio

There was a four part drama to the Joe DiMaggio life - pre-baseball, the Yankee years, the Marilyn saga, and the celebrity years. This book for young adult readers was part of a series of books on baseball greats (Appel wrote this and the Berra book). No longer available except at used book dealers and online.

Yogi BerraYogi Berra

Yogi Berra

A biography of one of baseball's greats, Yogi Berra, who was player, coach, and manager. This book for young adult readers was part of a series of books on baseball greats (Appel wrote this one and the DiMaggio one). No longer available except at used book dealers and online.

Forewords by Marty Appel
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